Meet my Team!

More Sales More Fun!

More Sales More Fun!

I’m a Coach a.k.a Team Leader/Supervisor in a BPO company. Our LOB (Line of Business) is Sales that’s why you might notice that most of us are Girls, well almost.. I have a guy in the team but he/she/it is a girl at heart.


Just to give you a brief background of my Call Center life, this is my First Job ever! First Company, First Call Center experience, First in everything! I’m an undergrad who was waiting for the next school year when I felt the urge that I need to do something instead of being a bum. This might not be a usual thing but I applied with my Mom, would you believe that? That’s how supportive she is, or maybe she really wants me to get a job to help her with our expenses. :p I really can’t remember since I know that she doesn’t have resume at all but she did pass the initial interview but failed the Computer Literacy exam which is fine because the only thing she knows about computer is how to check her email and come on, she’s already at her 50’ish. Maybe she just really want to accompany me in my application and show her support.


Fast forward since this should just be brief, right? I got the job and I was part of a Retention Account. It was a great experience because most of our customers are irate, sounds fun huh? Well, that helped me on how to deal with different kinds of people. After 2 years, I was then transferred to a new account which was a start-up account. A little pressure was added because it’s a make or break situation since it’s a pilot account. This is also something new since this is now a Sales Account.


I’m very grateful that I’m getting all the support that I need and I’m working with great people who influenced me to have a goal.. goal of moving up. After a year, I was promoted as the Product Specialist of the team then a couple of years passed, I got promoted as the Coach.


I’m just so Blessed because my wavemates are still with me and they are very much willing to help on how we can improve the whole team. Most of them are considered tenured that’s why they really don’t have to be spoon-fed with everything. They know what their role is and what I expect from them. I’m just more of a guide in their development and can I just say (bragged) that we always exceeds our goal even if we had a lot of changes this year, changes that would really affect our sales. So if you’re one of my agents, I just want to say Thank you and though I don’t say it all the time, You know how Coach Pia is very much proud of you.. I dedicate this post to all of you! Ü


Looking back, I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I might not be able to finish my studies for now (but that is still included in my goals), I can now fully support my family. Just to share and I always put this in mind as my inspiration.. During the time that I was looking for a job, I was really praying for it. My mom told be to write the salary that I wanted and to always pray for it and claim it that I would have it. I remember I put 10,000php, I felt that would be more than enough but when I got the job, my basic is more than that and I’m just really blessed because what I’m getting now is really more than I asked for. I’m not saying this just to brag about salary or what but this is just a proof that if you pray for something, claim it and work for it because if you really deserve it, you will get it.


“More Sales, More Fun” – that’s our Motto! Ü


Newbie in the World of Blogging!

Oh hello there – Welcome to my Blog! This is my first time creating one and I was inspired by a Mommy Blogger that I’m following.. No, not yet a Mom nor Married but I Love Kids especially my Nephews, Nieces and Friends’ Kids.

So there, this will serve as more of my private space compared to FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

I also want to treasure all the Adventures that I had and those that are yet to come.

That’s for now.. Thank you! Ü